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Nokia Theme Download:

Nokia Theme QR Code:

You will need a QR Code reader software on your Nokia phone to be able to read this QR Code.

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  • yogesh
    #1 written by yogesh 5 years ago

    I gone through your QR code generation method and its really nice.
    Is there anyway I can get that source code?

    • Kerem
      #2 written by Kerem 5 years ago

      I am not distributing the source for the generator, sorry.

      • Ajax
        #3 written by Ajax 5 years ago

        What a pitty… 🙁

      • Den
        #4 written by Den 5 years ago

        And what about purchasing the license to use your source code in my project?

        • Kerem
          #5 written by Kerem 5 years ago

          Sorry, I am commercializing the generator at the time being, so I don’t sell or give out the source code.

  • Peter
    #6 written by Peter 5 years ago

    I am sooo frustrated with QRs. Your site is literally the only site I have found on the net that lets you create vCards and also lets you export to .eps. However the code that I get from your site only worked in 1 of the 20 of so QR Decoders I downloaded on my iPhone. I know your QRs are standards compliant but at the same time I need a QR that can be read on most of the devices and is .eps. AHHHH! Sorry, I have spent so much time trying to do this whole QR thing for my business cards and I’m going nowwhere. If you can offer any advice I’d greatly appreciate it. Peter

    • Kerem
      #7 written by Kerem 5 years ago


      QR Codes are newly emerging in the west world, so I hope that all readers will be following the necessary guidelines in the near future. Until then, I really cannot give any advice, I also could not find a good reader for every action on my site.

  • asurez
    #8 written by asurez 5 years ago

    hi! nice site!! do you know any mobile generator? i can find it very usefull but i havent found one yet…

    do you know any important reason for developers hasnt come out with one yet?

    • Kerem
      #9 written by Kerem 5 years ago

      This site can be used on mobile browsers as well.

    • Roo
      #10 written by Roo 5 years ago

      there is one available on the DROID Marketplace

  • Lawrence Williams
    #11 written by Lawrence Williams 5 years ago

    I would like to use your reader on my site, but i would like to create pages like the ones google creates with maps and a little info and a picture of the store or the pic of my choosing, i will pay you if you can help me with this. my number is 561 704 3459, and i don’t want your source code as i have no clue how to use it. but i think my customers would love this technology. i would like to do this ASAP , just tell me how much

  • paul
    #12 written by paul 5 years ago

    terrific collaboration and nice funct., well done!

  • Ryks
    #13 written by Ryks 5 years ago

    On Nokia N900 Meamo/Meego you kan run mBarcode. I have it on my Nokia N900

  • Marcus
    #14 written by Marcus 5 years ago

    Brilliant, 2 hours of searching until I found the 2D gen you offer. Thanks, it’s appreciated.

  • David
    #16 written by David 5 years ago

    Dear Kerem,

    Is there any way to download this QR generator as a software for my mac, as it looks usefull…

    • Kerem
      #17 written by Kerem 5 years ago

      Hi David,

      Not yet, it is a web service at the moment.

  • David
    #18 written by David 5 years ago

    Is there any chance in near future, that you will stop the service through website, as i am going to invite several people to use this site and generate QR Code

    • Kerem
      #19 written by Kerem 5 years ago

      No. In fact I’ll move it to its own domain and its current features will be free. This service will be available in the foreseeable future.

  • David
    #20 written by David 5 years ago
    • Kerem
      #21 written by Kerem 5 years ago

      That code is altered too much. Scanners based on ZXing platform can hardly scan it and sometimes they cannot. A QR Code shouldn’t be altered that much, it does not look like a QR Code anymore! 🙂

    • Mike
      #22 written by Mike 5 years ago

      I did find that QRReader read the above. However, Qrafter did not. Nevertheless, I will be using this site and Qrafter in virtually all of my marketing efforts. Thanks Kerem!!!

      • Kerem
        #23 written by Kerem 5 years ago

        Thanks Mike. Some readers are better at reading very distorted codes, but the really important part is, they can’t interpret the contents of most codes correctly. When you compare their ability to parse the contents of codes generated on this site, with Qrafter, you can see that Qrafter has no worthy opponents.

  • Steve Kompolt
    #24 written by Steve Kompolt 5 years ago

    I-Nigma can read the Louis Vinton code… 🙂

    • Kerem
      #25 written by Kerem 5 years ago

      See my reply to Mike, Steve. I don’t think i-nigma or QRReader are anywhere near Qrafter when it comes to interpretation of code contents.

  • GaryW
    #26 written by GaryW 5 years ago

    Do you know of anyone “combining” QR codes? That is having a QR code imbedded within a QR code. Perhaps that could for example, send you to a website as well as a cordial email. Qrafter great product.

    • Kerem
      #27 written by Kerem 5 years ago

      I don’t know of anyone doing that. I don’t think that would be a good idea though. With the fast scanning technology and devices these days, it would be hard to scan the embedded code.

  • Daniel
    #28 written by Daniel 5 years ago

    I have found 2 scanners for the Android operating system that seem to work great with your codes and almost any others I have scanned. Both are on the Android market. They are ScanLife by Scanbuy Inc and Barcode Scanner by ZXing.

  • Carol
    #29 written by Carol 4 years ago

    Kerem–Any tips or URLs for embedding graphics after using Qrafter to create code? BTW your Qrafter makes this geriatric zero-tech editor look cool! Thanks for freely sharing your genius genius with those of us who aren’t.

    • Kerem
      #30 written by Kerem 4 years ago

      Hi Carol,

      Create the code with highest error correction. Then open the image in your preferred image editor and you can put an image in the middle of the code. I am glad that you find Qrafter useful! 🙂

  • Tim
    #31 written by Tim 4 years ago

    I have searched HI and Low for a QR-Code Generator for my Blackberry Torch 9800 and have found none. Is this something you will be able to do for us Blackberry Fans. Also in the meantime can you add a feature for playing YouTube videos on other mobiles than the I-phone. I would like to create codes that play youtube videos from a specific time code ie

    Many thanks 🙂

    • Kerem
      #32 written by Kerem 4 years ago

      Hi Tim,

      Do you need a generator that works as an app on Blackberry? If that’s the case, I cannot help, I am an iOS developer.

      For the Youtube URL, it should work if you create it using the “Website URL” action of the generator. If it does not work, it’s a problem with Blackberry OS and it should be corrected by Blackberry themselves.

  • Randy Allen
    #33 written by Randy Allen 4 years ago

    Kerem: Great job on this tool. I use the white png files to help me create color qr codes that exactly match my customer’s logos. I don’t have any issues reading these files and really appreciate the work you have put into this. Qrafter is an awesome piece of software and I look forward to seeing it evolve. Thank You!


  • Ron P
    #34 written by Ron P 4 years ago

    Kerem,- since Apple has not opened the API for calendar access.. vEvent codes can not be added to the calendar automatically – correct?

    My second question is in regards to the grouped iCAL objects, namely UID SEQUENCE and STATUS. Does your app parse/process these three objects? This would be beneficial with regards to scheduling updates and cancellations.

    Thirdly.. as a general question and to reaffirm my understanding, do apps such as yours drop the first-line requirement of BEGIN:VCALENDAR and simply rely on the first-line as BEGIN:VEVENT ?

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Ron P

    • Kerem
      #35 written by Kerem 4 years ago

      Hi Ron,

      vEvent codes can be added, but manually. UID SEQUENCE and STATUS are not supported by Qrafter’s vCard parser, but I may add support for them in the future.

      You are correct about BEGIN:VCALENDAR being ignored.


  • Kent
    #36 written by Kent 3 years ago

    Hi Kerem! When I try to scan an event QR-code, I get the following message:

    “This app does not have access to your calendars. You can enable access in Privacy Settings”. The problem is that I don’t find any privacy setting on the app, nor on the Setting App on the iPhone. What do I have to do?


  • Jonas
    #38 written by Jonas 3 years ago

    A very good scanner app for android phones is QuickMark! Works like a charm;)

    Great generator btw Kerem.

    #39 written by 3 years ago

    Is the QRAfter QRCode Scanner API available?

    • Kerem
      #40 written by Kerem 3 years ago

      You can call Qrafter from another app using qrafter:// url scheme but the scanning library is not available.

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