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PHP QR Code Generator evolves!


PHP QR Code Generator page is the most visited page on my blog. It has evolved from a small page with a few features into a full featured real time generator on which you can choose from a lot of actions for your device and create different image types, even vector images. As far as I know, there are no free generators on the internet that can match its features, and it is also better than most of the paid ones.

It even works on new generation mobile phones like iPhone or Nexus One.

And as of today, it can also create Data Matrix codes, thanks to the folks who have created the wonderful libdmtx library. So, I have made a name change on the page.

It is now called PHP QR Code and Data Matrix Generator. I hope it continues to prove useful to everyone who use it. 🙂

Oh, Smashing Magazine, what hast thou done?


PHP QR Code Generator page was posted on the twitter account of Smashing Magazine, and the traffic of this humble blog has risen twenty-fold! Not that I am complaining… 😉

The page seems to be useful to a lot of people, so I will probably add new features to it when I find spare time.

New PHP QR Code Generator Page

Checking my blog stats, I saw that most people come to my Real Time QR Code Generator PHP Function post. So, I decided to create a decent page for QR Code generation instead of linking to a URL which accepts only base64 encoded variables. The new page is PHP QR Code Generator page, and now you can, not only create an image that redirects you to a web address, but also can call a phone number, send an sms and send an e-mail. Also you can just encode plain text into a QR Code image.

UPDATE: vCard and bookmarks creation added.

Hope it proves to be useful for some people out there.

Real Time QR Code Generator PHP Function

UPDATE: Please read this post. You will be able to create more different images now!

If you have read my earlier posts, you must have seen that I am excited about implementing QR Code to my projects. These mostly include my work projects.

Today I have discovered that Fukuchi Kentaro, who is an assistant professor has written a very useful QR Code library to use on UNIX based systems. I have immediately downloaded the library and compiled it. It ran smoothly on my server, so I created a little PHP function to use with this library, for real time QR Code generation.

I have put a page on my server for you to use the function. You can call that page supplying a base64 encoded URL and it will create a QR Code PNG on the fly.

This is a demonstration of calling the page:

UPDATE: The page gets redirected to PHP QR Code Generator page on this blog now.

aHR0cDovL2tlcmVtZXJrYW4ubmV0Lwo= is Base64 encoded presentation of my blog URL,

You can easily Base64 encode this string by executing the command below from a UNIX shell:

echo | openssl enc -base64

The function will only accept Base64 encoded URLs to avoid some nasty side effects. Also after decoding the URL, there should be no dangerous characters like ‘,!,<,> in the URL.

By calling the page like I gave above, you will get the image below (It is auto generated):

To read this image from your phone, you will need a QR Code reader installed on your mobile phone. You can get a QR Code reader from QuickMark or Kaywa sites for free. (PS: Kaywa reader needs you to register for download)

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