I am a developer, writing apps for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. My current apps are:

Qrafter® – QR Code Reader and Generator

Qrafter® is the most comprehensive QR Code and 2D Code scanner and generator for iOS including a customized user interface for iPadOS. It is the only QR Code app that has been constantly updated and maintained since its inception in 2011. Qrafter® can scan and generate QR Codes, Data Matrix, Aztec Codes and PDF417 alongside a multitude of one dimensional barcodes. You can download it from https://qrafter.com/

PSWD – Password Generator

PSWD is a utility app for iOS and macOS. It can generate strong random and phonetic passwords that can be fully customized to suit your needs. You can find out more about it on https://keremerkan.net/pswd-password-generator/ or download it on the App Store.

Junkman – Smart SMS Blocker

Junkman is an SMS filtering app for iOS and iPadOS, written using CoreML. It is the successor of SMS Checker, an app that I discontinued some time ago. It can classify normal, transaction and junk messages with very high accuracy in English and Turkish languages using its state-of-the-art Smart Filter. You can find out more about it on https://keremerkan.net/junkman-smart-sms-blocker/ or download it on the App Store.

Begone – Spam Call Blocker and Directory

Begone is a call blocker app for iOS. It can easily block thousands of numbers with a single entry. It can also act as a directory for numbers you want to identify when called by, but don’t want to add to your contacts. You can find more about it on https://keremerkan.net/begone-call-blocker-and-directory/ or download it on the App Store.

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