About Me

I am a developer and an IT Professional. I like to play with tech gadgets.

I use open source applications and operating systems as long as I don’t need special software like Xcode.

I manage my website on the server I configure and run.

The most visited page of my site is the QR Code and 2D Code Generator which has evolved into one of the most useful 2D Code generators on the net, though I don’t add any features to it anymore. I have been working on QR Codes since 2006.

I have created Qrafter®, a QR Code scanner and generator for iOS, PSWD – Password Generator, a simple to use but extensive password generating app for iOS and macOS, Junkman, a machine learning junk SMS filter for iOS, Begone, a call blocker and directory for iOS, done some small plugins for SquirrelMail, translated SquirrelMail, Mailman, ClamXav and some smaller projects to Turkish, made a theme for my old Nokia E70 in my spare time.

That’s all for now, you can find my contact information on Contact page.

46 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi,

    i like the minimal style of your Qrafter Pro and the functional power is very good. The speed is the best aspect of your app.

    Best regards from germany,

  2. Hi Kerem
    been using your QR pages for a while now – you provide a great service without any of the hangups of those other more ad-orientated sites – many thanks and hope you can keep this going.
    Re the logo-inclusion request recently – that’s something I have a need for too – if you do that I would also be very interested – would you consider creating that for me on a commercial basis perhaps?
    best rgds

  3. I am very impressed by your code generator, your site, and –based on the site content and the replies to comments– your general ethos.
    I am trying out QR codes for “academic applications.” For now, that means margin notes for the PDF version of documents to display links in hard copy. I am also looking at maybe also some direct lesson plan usage later. This tool is fantastic.
    Thank you!

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