PSWD – Password Generator for Mac


PSWD – Password Generator is a utility app for macOS 10.10 or later, and can generate strong random passwords with very comprehensive settings. It is written using Swift programming language. The app was inspired by RPG written by David Kreindler. I used that app since 2006 extensively, but it looks to be abandoned and will not work with future versions of macOS. Also, PSWD is nearly 50 times faster than RPG as it was written using a modern programming language and better optimized functions.

The real reason I wrote PSWD is simple, but interestingly no password generator or password manager app I used, had that feature the moment I decided to write the app: the ability to add separators to the password! Now that you can use password manager apps for almost everything, you can create very long passwords, and every now and then, you’ll need to enter one of those passwords by hand, and you’ll thank yourself for adding those separators. 😬 I had to add them to any password I created manually, so I took the opportunity to delve into Swift and write a simple utility for myself, which I then decided to share with likeminded people.

Also, I sometimes just want to generate a password immediately using my own preset without logging into a password manager and clicking my way through menus. With the menu bar item in PSWD, it takes only one click.

Some features of PSWD:

  • Generating passwords with a length of up to 5000 characters using any combination of characters
  • Ability to add separator characters at predetermined intervals
  • Generating multiple passwords very fast and with ease
  • Saving and loading password presets for easy configuration
  • Sharing or copying with one click
  • Menu bar item for easy password generation and copying
  • Global hotkey (⇧⌃⌥⌘P) for immediately generating and copying one password, working systemwide
  • Ability to disable the dock icon, so that the app can be used from the menu bar, reducing clutter
  • Dark Mode support on macOS 10.13 and later
  • Universal binary with Apple Silicon and Intel processor support

PSWD uses the default system random number generator when selecting characters to construct the password. For macOS, this is arc4random_buf(3).


Download from the Mac App Store


Privacy Policy

PSWD does work completely locally on your computer. It does not need any network connectivity for any of its features. It does not collect, store or transmit any data you enter into it, or it itself generates. It is a sandboxed app and respects the privacy of its users with utmost importance.