PSWD can now generate phonetic passwords

With version 1.5 on iOS and version 1.3 on macOS, PSWD – Password Generator can generate phonetic passwords that follow a consonant-vowel order.

Phonetic passwords can sound like a word but are completely meaningless, and are easier to remember than fully random passwords. The catch is, as they are following an order and vowels are fewer than consonants, the entropy for phonetic passwords is less than fully random passwords, but with long enough passwords, this should not be a problem for general use.

Here is an example for 30 character random and phonetic passwords separated by a dash:





You can see that the phonetic password is much easier to read. And using only lowercase or uppercase letters can further improve the rememberability. Or you can decide to add a few numbers or symbols for higher entropy. You can adjust all these settings and more in PSWD!

Download PSWD on the App Store.

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