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Comments about Apple and related technological innovations.


Hörmann IT-WLAN HomeKit connectivity fix

Hörmann IT-WLAN is a HomeKit accessory for Hörmann garage doors. Unfortunately, its WLAN module is very picky with Wi-Fi settings, and it generally has problems when we try to control it outside the local...


PSWD can now generate phonetic passwords

With version 1.5 on iOS and version 1.3 on macOS, PSWD – Password Generator can generate phonetic passwords that follow a consonant-vowel order. Phonetic passwords can sound like a word but are completely meaningless,...


PSWD for iOS gains Shortcuts app support

PSWD, the most comprehensive password generator for iOS gained Shortcuts app support with version 1.3. Using the Generate Password shortcut, you can immediately generate one or more passwords using any preset you create in...


Password Generator is now PSWD

After I released Password Generator, I saw that it was very well received and used by many people around the world. One request was to have it on iPhone and iPad, so I decided...


Password Generator for macOS released

Today I have released Password Generator for macOS, a small utility app that lets you generate strong random passwords with unlimited combinations. While here are many password generator apps out there, none of them...


Qrafter and Qrafter Pro reach version 6.0

Qrafter and Qrafter Pro 6.0 were just approved by Apple. This version drops iPhone 3G and iOS 4.2.1 and earlier support because of restrictions in Apple’s development tools, but with this change it gained...