Comments and projects about mobile device technologies.

Begone for iOS released

Today I have released Begone for iOS, a utility app that helps you manage the many spam calls we receive daily. We receive too many spam calls, robocalls, marketing calls etc. in these times. Unfortunately iOS does not have any way to block number ranges. Begone lets you block the number ranges of these spam …

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Junkman for iOS released

Today I have released Junkman for iOS and iPadOS, a utility app that helps you manage the endless stream of junk text messages. Unfortunately in these times, we receive too many junk and spam messages along with transactions. Junkman will automatically classify these messages and let the junk be delivered silently without any notification. It …

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10 years with Qrafter

I released Qrafter 10 years ago today. I have been working on QR Codes for nearly 15 years. The first time I did something semi useful with them, I created a download QR Code for an amateur theme for my Nokia E70 in 2006. I was fascinated with the possibilities back then. There was a …

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WireGuard MTU fixes

UPDATE: I researched a little more on this. ipv6 connections require 1280 as the minimum MTU and most router configurations expect to see some standardized MTU. So instead of 1412 as I wrote below, I now recommend 1280 for MTU. While it is smaller and will generate more packets, I think it will encounter fewer …

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