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WireGuard MTU fixes

UPDATE: I researched a little more on this. ipv6 connections require 1280 as the minimum MTU and most router configurations expect to see some standardized MTU. So instead of 1412 as I wrote below,...


2010 Dünya Kupası’nda vuvuzela sesini filtrelemek

You can find English filtering instructions on this page. Dünya Kupası’nda vuvuzela seslerinin başımızı fazla ağrıtması nedeniyle hepimiz bu duruma bir çözüm bulmaya çalışıyoruz. Ben de evde kullandığım Apple Mac bilgisayarı kullanarak, vuvuzelanın ses...


How to remove vuvuzela sounds in World Cup 2010

Türkçe filtreleme açıklamalarını bu sayfada bulabilirsiniz. FIFA World Cup 2010 would be great, if only those horrible vuvuzelas were not there. If you have a Mac, using the magnificent Audio Hijack Pro application by...


Mystique and WP-Syntax Incompatibility

If you use Mystique theme and WP-Syntax plugin (the syntax highligher) together, you will notice that, your code snippets will use Mystique’s fonts instead of monospace for colored words. When reading codes, monospace fonts...


Supporting Oracle FCF in Tomcat

We use Tomcat with Apache HTTPD in our company. And as a database backend, we use a two node Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC). We were having stale connection problems when a RAC node...


Enabling tftpd on MacOS X (Snow) Leopard

Enabling the tftp daemon in MacOS X Snow Leopard (or Leopard) is an easy task with little documentation. This is a quick reference. The manual page for tftpd in MacOS X Snow Leopard (or...