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    1. It is an app that has been developed and updated constantly for 13 years. All the competing apps from its beginning have gone. So no it is not a mistake. You can download Qrafter for free with no locked functions and pay as little as 1 euro per month to remove ads. Or you can pay 3 years of subscription at once and remove ads for life.

  1. Hi,
    Just go to the pro version. Very good App !!!
    Question : how can i attach the geo data (Longitude/Latitude) to the CSV file to export to email ?
    Is it possible ?

    Thanks for your answer

  2. Hi Kerem, I tried to generate a micro QR code using a straight ASCII string on your sitee but the site’s not giving me a code…

  3. why can I not set error correction level for Aztec Code from this site??

    ECC (Reed Solomon) is part of the Aztec Spec — among other features neither listed nor adjustable on 🙁

    I had to use TAB to navigate down to new comment 😐

  4. Thank you for this great piece of work!

    I like very much that I can open the decoded URL in the integrated browser. This way, it is very easy to come back to the next scan, simply by closing the browser window.

    But I need Javascript on the sited I call. Is it possible to have Javascript enabled in the integrated browser?

    1. Hi Oliver,

      The in-app browser is provided to developers by Apple, so yes, it works nearly the same with Safari including the javascript capabilities.

  5. Hi, your app is awesome, i purchase it ! In a next version, could we scan barcode ?
    Because i try and it does’nt work, it’s annoying to switch between 2 scan app, to scan 2 type of code…


  6. Your application works great and I think it would solve a problem for us. We are wanting to generate a QR Code with each of our members as they register to attend our annual conference. Of course, we then would like to print that QR on their name badges. We are a non-profit group that has about 2000 attendees each year. Is there a way we can buy or license from you your converter to embed into our registration program?


    Bob Kibler
    Gulf Coast Conference

    1. Interweb search: libdecodeqr0

      But it’d be silly to use qr code simply because everyone if jumping from that bridge. Your badges would be far more resilient with Aztec Code, ISO 24778

      which is available in a limited form here at

  7. Hi, a fantastic application – very quick and easy to use – thanks! It would be really cool to be able to read/create other types of bar code too – e.g. code 128 types etc Do you have any plans to extend the application to this?

    Thanks again.

      1. It would be excellent as a freeware android- and iphone app especially if it operated locally (zero interweb interaction)

        [adware is the opposite of free…. for those unaware of the distinction or unfamiliar with the word “free” (no cost). third party hosted ads are a COST to privacy- and security]

        1. If ads are not suitable for you, you have the option to buy the app. There is no such thing as a complete “freeware”, the author of any free software has to have the ability to provide himself/herself the necessary means to live, which is, “money”. For most smartphone apps, free means ad supported.

  8. Hi, I noticed that the ipad app (pro) has the ability to create a qr code for facebook. Is this correct?
    I noticed on your website the facebook function isn’t available. Will this be made available in the near future?
    I am looking at buying you pro version. Cheers.

  9. hello, when i generate a vcard the titles for work phone and work fax are the same, they both come up as [Work Tel:] is there any way to fix this?

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