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  1. When I scan a QR code and email it, I would like to customize the subject line so that the same subject is automatically inputted into the subject line. Our company is using this at a high-profile tradeshow and will be scanning and sending hundreds a day. It will be a pain to type in the same subject every time. Do you have a solution to this?

      1. When I click “Send by Email” on the right side. I don’t want the subject to automatically have “Email from Qrafter” but “Email from Vishay”. So that we don’t have to type that in the subject every time. Is there a way to do this?

  2. Hi Kerem, how are you?
    I’d like to help you with the spanish translations of Qrafter Pro, I’m native from Spain, so I know the language a lot like English and Valencian (my local language). The reason of that is because I love your application and I use it everything day. I only want to help you, and I won’t ask money, so I just want to help selflessly, about translations I can send you in Word document to your mail. If you want I collab with you vive me your mail. I with you well, I hope your answers. My email is ask for me!

  3. Hi Kerem,

    Been a user and have written you for years.

    Do you have any recomendation for redirection. What I am looking for is similar to MS tags – you create a QR code and you can then redirect it to another URL if need be. Analytics would be handy too.

    Any recomendations?

    thanks, Roy

    1. Hi Roy,

      There are a few sites that do that currently. Yo can search Google for “qr code tracking” for it. I am also working on it, but it is a slow progress.

  4. Hi,

    I upgraded to vs 5.0 a few days ago and when I try to go my website (using Qrafter Pro 5.0 on my iPhone and the QR code I have on my business cards) it loops at the page load stage (so the page never loads). Using Safari works fine.

    I’ve also had some difficulty with codes not being recognised easily.


  5. Hi: I am new to QR codes but just used your form for making my own. I tried it out and it works. How do I access it again if I want to use it for my business, say print it out?


  6. What’s up Kerem? It’s been a minute. OK, I am going to have to put a petition together if you tell me your not going to do this, LOL. Will you develop a tracking system for your OUTSTANDING PRODUCT? I know we can go through google, but I sell my services and to have a dashboard to manage all my clients would be outstanding. You have KILLED the market with your app, and this is the next level of the game for you to develop the tracking backend. (Unless you have some other stuff up your sleeve?)

  7. I am very pleased w/the high quality of your QR codes. Also appreciate that the eps format is 100% K (black) instead of rgb, so prints beautifully.
    I’ve just started using these and after reading very favorable reviews, am very happy to have found your site.
    my only complaint has nothing to do with your QR codes- it is that your “captcha” is one of the most difficult to read/focus on that i’ve ever used. Kind of difficult for not so young eyes.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Sorry about the captcha. It is reCAPTCHA actually, and it’s the most widely used implementation on the internet, that’s why I chose it. Also, don’t worry, it does not get displayed consequent comments.

  8. Hello kerem,
    i have a question. Can your program qr codes to encrypt password?
    It should be openable only with code.

  9. Hi, i think EPS format export is different that old version (use in may 2011). Actually i can’t import the eps file on my software (i could open this eps file before).
    Can you help me ?
    (Sorry for my english)

  10. Hi Kerem. Could you please add an another one entry field for a skype account? I need to create vCard QR code with a Skype account.

  11. Hi Kerem. Thanks for answering. What is weird, is that the URL is working for the other 2 QR codes I created on the same day. Is it possible if I changed the size of it that it might have gotten distorted or corrupted?

      1. Hey Kerem. I’ve done more testing and here is what I’m finding. The problem only started appearing when I turned on the “Scan and Go” feature. If the page starts to time out and I force using the option, “Open in Safari”, then the page displays and everything works. If I force the option, “Go to URL” then sometimes it times out and doesn’t successfully load the page. If I turn off “Scan and Go” and always select “Open in Safari” then it always works. Any ideas what might be happening with the Scan and Go feature? Thanks again for the great work!

  12. Hello again Kerem! It’s been a few months since I wrote you. I’m wondering if you have any idea why a QR code that use to work might suddenly stop working? I have 3 QR codes that navigate to a URL and 2 of them work flawlessly and one of them is no longer working. It doesn’t make sense. I’m using your site to generate the code and your QRafter Pro to read it. Also, do you have a way to write a small file to the phone or add scan data in batch mode to a single file that could then be read later? Thanks for your continued great work!

    1. Hi Kelly,

      The QR Code is not the one that stops working, the URL that is encoded into the QR Code is the one that stops.

      For your second question, I may be able to do something like that in a future update.

  13. Kerem. Well done. Using my iPhone 3GS as a test unit, Qrafter and your web-based QR code generator seemed to be the most accurate for capturing vCard info into my iPhone Contacts. The vCard specs allow for a Notes field as well; just wondering if that could be implemented into your coder / decoder combo?

  14. Need your help Kerem, I have a service that tracks QR codes, but of course they do not have the variety of formats to encode. I can’t stand the vCard so I want to use our meCard format for the iPhone family users, but I have to find a way to attach it to a URL so that I can attach it to a button. So does this format have some type of information that I can embed somewhere or something so that I can track it.

      1. I just like the ability to just hit add to contacts and not have to send an email and then upload to contacts. Personal problem LOL, I’ll just have to learn to like it. When in ROME!

          1. That’s what’s up Kerem!!! So I can create a vcf file then put it on my server and use that link to create another QR code let’s say within my tracking system. See that’s why I F’s with you bruh, you be on your game. LOVE IT!!!

            1. Yep, you can do that. But be aware that Qrafter is the only reader that can download vCards. So you may have compatibility issues with other readers on iOS if you select to use this method.

              1. That’s true, but that’s why I put in fine print the link to download Qrafter, LOL. I know who has the best reader in the game, that’s why I have the PRO version. Continue the great work and you always have my support my brother.

  15. I was going to ask about editing info for previously made codes and I see that you cant do that at this time and I don’t know if it is possible at all to do.
    Possibly you could pull up a code in history then resend and overwrite the old info?
    If I do a business print piece of thousands of pieces with a code on it, I could modify the code info at will.
    I’m pretty sure real pro users would be willing to pay a couple dollars more for that capability.

    1. It’s really hard to edit the history in current implementation but I’ll look into it, probably redesigning the history data along the way.

  16. Hello Kerem, I think you have answered this before, but can you change the information of a QR code? Let’s say I create a contact code for instance using QRafter for iphone, and then my phone number changes. Can I go back in and change that but keep the same QR code?

  17. We use your site exclusively to create custom QR codes for our university and we thought you might want to here about this.

    Inventive QR Code Use for Launch of Mobile App

    Rogers State University hosted an event, October 10-12 to promote the launch of its new mobile app.

    “Proud to Leave Your Print” allowed students, faculty, staff and alumni to be a part of making a giant QR code by stamping their inked thumbprints to shade the code. Once it was entirely covered with fingerprints, any smart phone with a free barcode scanner app was able to scan the code.

    The 2,304-square inch QR code lead users to a website where the RSU Mobile App could be downloaded.

    Once the code was completed, it went on display at RSU to encourage use of the RSU Mobile App.

    The idea of making a QR code out of fingerprints was an homage to artist Chuck Close. He is famous for making massive-scale portraits out of patterns that can be optically mixed from a distance, much like how billboards use color halftones. Close would use thumbprints and splotchy pixels to create his portraits.

    A video ( was created for the event, with the help of the song “Try Me Out Sometime” by the native Oklahoma band Broncho, to draw interest in future and current RSU students to download the RSU Mobile App.

    Rogers State University

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