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    1. Roy, you can just use the SVG or EPS output of the generator. But Inkscape will also work fine. For your tracking question, you can use pro.

    1. Hi Lajos,

      The server currently prohibits hotlinking and uses sessions. Please send me an email about your traffic expectations so that I can see what I can do.

  1. Hi again!

    I just noticed that the image url contains all the data that is neccessary, which is pretty much enough for what I want to achieve, I can easily create a form for that then build the link. Would it be a problem for you?


  2. Merhaba Kerem!

    Congratulations, I tested a few dozen QR code generators and this is the only one that works without any error! Perfectly generating weird Hungarian characters etc. Brilliant job. Ok there was another one (only one!) but with limited options. You are offering so much! So I decided to ask if I can use your program for my business. I do want to donate you 🙂 Is there any way to embed the code to my website so that visitors after creating their QR-coded product can submit orders directly from there? Even with an iframe, whatever. I do not need the code actually I just want the ordering process to be comfortable and easy.

    Many thanks for any ideas

  3. What’s up Kerem? Would you mind if I use Qrafter in my print work? I am doing some print promotions and using my QR code on the promotions. I am putting the following info next the code.
    1. Download QR code Reader
    2. Scan Code.
    3. Enjoy.
    I would like to put Qrafter in parentheses as the example (ex. Qrafter). It will give you promotions and hopefully generate more downloads as well as more creation of codes from the site, but I want to make sure it’s OK with you though.

    1. Thanks Tripp! Glad to see that Qrafter helps in your particular area.

      One small detail: The name Qrafter is actually a play on “Crafter”, meaning it can craft or create QR Codes, so I imagined it should be read like that, but anyway, your pronunciation is also acceptable since it is not a word in the vocabulary itself. 🙂

      1. Hi Tripp,

        I see that you have changed the pronunciation in the new video. Wow. Being a perfectionist is hard, right? I know that feeling 😀


  4. Wir haben eine App zum Generieren von QR-Codes gesucht und bestimmt 3 versch. Apps gekauft und 2 Gratis-Apps geladen. Jedes dieser Programme funktionierte beim Lesen relativ gut Allerdings konnten die Meisten beim Einlesen von Adressdaten für das Adressbuch eines Unternehmens nicht den Namen der Firma und dazu noch den Namen der Person einlesen. Eines fehlte meist. Gott sei Dank stießen wir dann auf Qrafter und da ging plötzlich alles absolut störungsfrei.
    In Qrafter ist unserer Meinung nach einfach alles berücksichtig (bis auf eines – kommt später) was man braucht um QR-Codes zu generieren und einzulesen.
    Das Einzige, was die App noch vertragen könnte wäre die Möglichkeit Adressdaten zur Übergabe an einen QR-Code manuell eingeben zu können, oder die aus dem Adressbuch übernommene zu editieren. Wir haben öfter den Fall, dass wir Adressdaten einer Firma per QR-Code weitergeben wollen aber jeweils mit einem anderen Ansprechpartner. Um das zu realisieren muss jedes mal die Firmenadresse komplett neu mit einem anderen Ansprechpartner im Adressbuch angelegt werden. Also wenn man das beim nächsten Update noch berücksichtigen kann ist Qrafter unschlagbar.

  5. Hi Kerem,

    Big fan, been with you since you started. Always solid.

    Inquiring minds want to know what program you use to convert the QR codes on the fly to a vector graphic. We don’t use it with QR codes but we may have another use and you do it so good – so they asked me to ask you.

    thanks – keep up the great work!


  6. Thanks for the fast response Kerem I was thinking of the paypal option for some of the charities i work with as a Donate now button on ads and marketing

  7. Hi Kerem

    I have just purchased Qrafter for ipad thanks it is great. just have a couple of questions

    Are you going to add all the options you have on the website version to Qrafter.

    Also are you working on any new features thinking of Paypal product purchase that i have seen on other generators and can i create a Facebook page like code

    1. Hi Mark,

      Yes I’ll add them to Qrafter.

      I am not sure if PayPal purchase would be useful, I think it is a little gimmicky. Also, for a Facebook like code, there needs to be a server side component. I will change it a lot in the future though, so I can add that.

  8. Hi Kerem. I like your QR code generator, but I’ve a question. Is the code generated by your application somehow limited (expiration date atc.)? I’d like to use QR code with vcard data on my bussiness card.

    1. It should display on the screen. When you right click on it, you can save it to your computer. If you selected an output other than PNG, it starts downloading directly.

  9. I am so new at this but your site was highly recommded and I already feel more knowledgeable. However, I want to be able to use QR codes to send my viewers to a page that shows just a simple flyer. I have no idea where to begin finding a hosting site that helps my customers just see one page at a time. I also want them to be able to click on that image to go further to my company site.

    1. Well, that is out of context. As you said, you need a hosting provider and perhaps a web designer to create a mobile site so that you can encode its URL into your QR Code. I don’t think I can help you with this.

  10. Is there any way to retrieve a QR code once it’s been generated in order to change it’s link? For example: I put a QR code on my business card with a special offer but then I want to change that offer next month. Trouble is the code is now printed on the card. It’d be great to be able to go back and change that link.

    1. You need to create a custom URL for that on your site, and handle it yourself. You can redirect your custom URL to the real URL for your current offer. When that offer expires, you can redirect that URL to another offer URL.

  11. Will Qrafter read all the 2D codes generated by your web? If not what scanner would you recommend that will read the other 2D codes generated?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Qrafter only reads QR Codes (and some Data Matrix, but it’s not quite production-level yet). I recommend you use QR Codes only for your projects, because that’s the only format that all readers on the App Store can read.

    1. Hi Marla,

      No, you can’t. Maybe you can create a URL using pro and create a QR Code for it. That may give you the ability to change the URL the short URL points to.

  12. Kerem,
    I work in marketing and really appreciate the way your site gives so many options to code. It is very reliable and I take it into photoshop to personalize it. Love the medium. Like AT&T and “Awesome” code readers best.

    Thanks … Keep it up!

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