PSWD for macOS gains Shortcuts app support

PSWD, the most comprehensive password generator for macOS, gained Shortcuts app support with version 3.0, similar to its counterpart for iOS. You’ll need macOS 12.0 or later to use Shortcuts.

Using the Generate Password shortcut, you can immediately generate one or more passwords using any preset you create in PSWD, including the dynamic Current Preset setting, which includes the latest configuration from the app. This shortcut returns the password as text and you can pass it onto any other shortcut that accepts text as an option.

For example, you can create a shortcut that copies the resulting password to the clipboard. You can add this shortcut to the menu bar as an alternative to the menu bar option of PSWD, or you can call the shortcut from the command line. Choices are endless!

You can download PSWD on the App Store.

2 thoughts on “PSWD for macOS gains Shortcuts app support”

  1. Thank you for creating PSWD! It’s like the perfect password generator app that I’ve always wanted to develop but never had the chance to fully dive into. And I’m so happy that you’ve even added native support for Shortcuts actions on all platforms!

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