About Me

I am a developer and an IT Professional. I like to play with tech gadgets.

I use open source applications and operating systems as long as I don’t need special software like Xcode.

I manage my website on the server I configure and run.

The most visited page of my site is the QR Code and 2D Code Generator which has evolved into one of the most useful 2D Code generators on the net, though I don’t add any features to it anymore. I have been working on QR Codes since 2006.

I have created Qrafter®, a QR Code scanner and generator for iOS, PSWD – Password Generator, a simple to use but extensive password generating app for iOS and macOS, Junkman, a machine learning junk SMS filter for iOS, Begone, a call blocker and directory for iOS, done some small plugins for SquirrelMail, translated SquirrelMail, Mailman, ClamXav and some smaller projects to Turkish, made a theme for my old Nokia E70 in my spare time.

That’s all for now, you can find my contact information on Contact page.

46 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. thanks for this qr code resource ( the generator especially ) – made my life a lot easier – andy

  2. Selam Kerem, QR kod uygulamasını tamamen meraktan keşfettim ve şirketimiz kartvizitlerinde bu uygulamaya geçmeye karar verdik. Herkese senin uygulamanı tavsiye ediyorum ve tavsiye ettiğim kişiler gerçekten QRAFTER’dan çok memnunlar. Seni tebrik ederim, Türkiye’den de iyi yazılımcıların çıkabileceğinin bir göstergesi bu benim için.
    Ancak senin QR Kod jenaratör’ünde bir eksiklik görmek beni biraz üzdü. Türkçe karakter desteği bulunmamakta! Bu bence ciddi bir eksiklik. Mecburen başka bir yazılım ile çözüm bulma yoluna gittik. Bunu çözeceğini umut ediyoruz.

    Tekrar tebrikler….

    1. Merhaba Ramiz,

      Oluşturucu Türkçe desteğine sahip, ayrıca Rusça, Japonca, İbranice, Çince karakterleri de destekliyor. Bugün içinde bir sunucu değişikliği yaptım, bu nedenle konfigürasyon sıkıntıları oldu. Şu anda oluşturucuyu denersen Türkçe karakter desteği olduğunu göreceksin. Qrafter’ı desteklediğiniz için teşekkürler! 🙂

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome QR code generator. We used them on our business cards, brochures, and soon on our new tradeshow booth. I love that it makes EPS files! We tell everyone to read them with QRafter.

    Keep up the great work!
    ~Keith & the Q Source team

  4. No Kerem, you understood correctly, it was regarding the pop-up and enlarging of the QR code when clicked…thanks for the quick reply.

  5. Your QR generator is super cool but I was wondering how you get the QR code on your website to pop up in the middle of the screen the way it does when one clicks on it. I am viewing your site on Safari if that matters.

    1. I may have misunderstood your question. If you want to download the QR Code, right click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) on the image and click save.

  6. I’ve got a question. If I purchase the upgrade to generate the codes, will it display the code on my iphone? In other words, could I create and show a code on my phone that another phone could then scan? Also, how much is the upgrade? Thanks

    1. Yes Andrew, you’ll be able to see the QR Code on your device screen and other devices will be able to scan from your screen. The pack is $2.99.

  7. Hi Kerem …

    Nice work on the QR encoder and Qrafter for IPhone.

    I’ll be recommending Qrafter to all my clients as I start promoting printing QR codes on business cards and other marketing material.

    If the world had more people like you, it would be a better place!

    Thank you!

  8. Hi Kerem,
    I work for a barcoding company (day job), and I’ve discovered that your QR encoder is the most intuitive I’ve come across. Qrafter is by far the best free QR reader in the app store. The two work flawlessly together. I also generate codes on your site for use on graphic design marketing projects for my freelance clients. Posters, business cards… it’s great! Thanks and keep up the impressive work!

  9. Hi Kerem..
    Your Code generator site is the most comprehensive I have come across. Very impressive, very useful. I work for in the education sector promoting the use of e-learning and Mobile Technologies. I will make refernce to yours. Great resource to community. Thank you for your work.

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