New translations for SquirrelMail plugins

I have found new translations for my plugins in my archives. They were sent by their authors or by Tomas, Paul etc. from SquirrelMail project. I have added the translations to my plugins.

Thanks to all translators for taking their precious time and sorry for being so late when adding the translations to the plugins.

You can get the plugins from this page:

Now, the plugins include these translations:

Check Quota 2.1 translations:

Brasilian Portuguese (by Mauricio Severich)
Hungarian (by Csecsy Laszlo)
Turkish (by me)

Check Quota 1.4 translations:

Bahasa Melayu (by Muhd Zamri MS)
Brazilian (by Rodrigo Luis Silva)
Czech (by Viktor Matys)
Dutch (by Joris Machielse and Jasper Boot)
Finnish (by Jarkko Ranta)
French (by Sebastien Dicque)
German (by Florian Daumling)
Lithuanian (by Tomas Kuliavas)
Nynorsk (by Ola Ketil Siqveland)
Polish (by Lukasz Sanocki)
Spanish (by Carlos Juan Martin Perez)
Swedish (by Fredrik Jervfors)
Turkish (by me)

Show User and IP translations:

Brazilian (by Fernando M. Morgenstern)
Czech (by Pavel Janoušek)
Dutch (by Sander Eerkes)
German (by Kai Katzur)
Finnish (by Kari Mattsson)
French (by Pascal Guinet)
Greek (by Apostolos Katsinikas)
Hungarian (by Szel Miklos)
Italian (by Dario Jakopec)
Japanese (by Neil J. MacNeil)
Polish (by Lukasz Sanocki)
Russian (by Serguei Dukachev)
Spanish (by Mariano Nieves PS: Mariano, I could not reach to you by email, sorry.)
Swedish (by Fredrik Jervfors and Khedron Wilk)
Turkish (by me)

Online Users translations:

Bahasa Melayu (by Muhd Zamri MS)
Swedish (by Per Foreby)
Turkish (by me)

I will check my archives to see if I missed any translations.

Update: Added new translation info.