My work on SquirrelMail plugins and translations.

New translations for Show User and IP 3.3 added

This week two translations for Show User and IP 3.3 have arrived and added. They are Bahasa Melayu (ms_MY) and Norwegian (nb_NO). You can find the repacked plugin file from Downloads page. Thanks to Muhd Zamri MS and Arnt Gronas for giving their precious time to these translations.

Brazilian translation for Show User and IP added

Brazilian (pt_BR) Show User and IP translation has arrived! Thanks to Fernando M. Morgenstern for taking his time and translating the plugin. I have added the translation into the plugin file. You can download the plugin via Downloads page.

SquirrelMail Plugin Files

I am putting my SquirrelMail plugins on my blog. I have done three plugins so far and I will try to maintain these more frequently. I have added all translations I have received so far, to the plugins. You can download the files from this page.