Check Quota 2.0 development status

Update: I have completed Check Quota 2.0. The only thing left is remaking Flash graphs. I will publish the plugin in a few days.

I have completed most of the Check Quota functions. Finished things are:

  • Rewritten the plugin as a class. The code is much more simplified and does not repeat itself.
  • Rewritten UNIX quota checker from scratch. It is faster and more stable now.
  • Simplified IMAP quota checker a little bit.
  • Rewritten GD grapher from scratch. It can draw better graphs now.
  • Configuration variables have been simplified and now they are in an array. So you will need to reconfigure your plugin.

Things to do:

  • Finish experimental cPanel functions.
  • Remove some bugs in Flash graph drawer.
  • Finish MOTD functions.

I hope the plugin will be available in a few weeks.