OMA DRM 1.0 Packager PHP Class

I have been searching for a command line tool to use as a DRM Packager for OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) DRM 1.0 compliant devices. My main concern was to create the DRM files without human interaction, so that I would have the content repository in some place and add real-time digital rights to the files when they were downloaded.

I found a useful Packager from Sony Ericsson, but it has no command line packager to use with Linux or Mac OS X. I also found some scripts written with Java SDK, but I did not want Java involved in this.

So I wrote my own DRM Packager class in PHP. It only calls OpenSSL as an external application when needed, other than that it is a pure PHP class. It can be used from command line as an application, or it can be used via the webserver to serve real-time DRM packed files.

The advantages of the class:

  • Can create real-time DRM packed files
  • Fully compliant with OMA DRM 1.0
  • Can create DRM files for forward-lock, combined or seperate delivery (.dm and .dcf)
  • Can create rights files compatible with XML and WBXML format (.dr and .drc files)
  • Can create files with sizes up to 256 MB (An overkill as most of the times, a handheld device will download a file with a maximum size of 10 MB or so. You will probably never need to create DRM files with sizes over 256 MB)
  • You can make your php scripts behave like the created DRM files using “send_content” function
  • As it is a PHP class, it can be integrated with PHP software you have written

If anyone is interested, I can put a demo page on my site. You can contact me via my contact page.

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