SquirrelMail Check Quota 2.0 released

Yesterday, I have finished Check Quota 2.0, and today I am releasing it for your use. I hope everyone who have used Check Quota or Disk Quota plugins for SquirrelMail before, will like this new one. Nearly everything has changed in this release and those who are using Check Quota 1.4 should try this one.

You can download the plugin from here:

Here are the changes:

  • New release. Rewritten from top to bottom.
  • The plugin functions are wrapped in a class now. They are called easier this way.
  • Rewritten UNIX quota checker from scratch. It is more efficient and stable.
  • Simplified IMAP functions a little, and changed them to be compatible with the class structure.
  • Added experimental cPanel quota support.
  • Plugin text outputs fully support SquirrelMail themes now.
  • Added Check Quota themes. If there is a theme file with the same name as the current SquirrelMail theme file the user is using in the themes directory of Check Quota, all quota graphs will use the colors for that theme.
  • Rewritten GD image drawing from scratch. It can output all alert levels with different colors now. Also it is Check Quota themes compatible.
  • Rewritten HTML table graphs. They do not use images, they use background colors when drawing graphs. Also they are Check Quota themes compatible.
  • Updated Flash graphics to be Check Quota themes compatible.
  • Added new troubleshooting page which can be seen under Options page.
  • Changed configuration structure to be compatible with the new class structure.
  • Added a configuration option to hide unwanted filesystems in UNIX quotas. This way you can show the quota information for only the filesystem on which user mails are kept and hide others to avoid confusion.
  • Changed some configuration options to be compatible with the new troubleshooting page.
  • Removed some unnecessary and repeating configuration options.
  • Removed repetitions in the functions. Most of the functions were simplified to have faster operation.
  • Removed all errors, warnings and notices.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Updated Turkish (tr_TR) language files.
  • Old language files are incompatible with this release, so I had to remove them. I hope you will send me updated language files.