SquirrelMail Check Quota 2.1 released

Today, I am releasing Check Quota 2.1, which includes new updates. With this release, you will be able to check UNIX quotas when your SquirrelMail and IMAP servers are on different machines. I have added a thorough explanation of achieving this in the INSTALL file of the plugin.

I have also added SquirrelMail 1.5.2 support. The plugin hooks and outputs have been changed a lot in 1.5.2, so most of the plugins designed for 1.5.1 and below will not work in 1.5.2.

And last, the first translations for Check Quota 2.x have arrived and added, which are Hungarian (hu_HU), thanks to Csezsy Laszlo of Frugalware and Brasilian Portuguese (pt_BR), thanks to Mauricio Severich.

You can download the new release from the downloads page.