PHP Captcha beta testers needed

UPDATE: PHP Captcha 1.0 is released. Thanks to all who beta tested it.

I have started a new project named PHP Captcha which will be released as open source.

It will be a PHP Captcha implementation which will use ImageMagick instead of standard PHP GD libraries. It purpose is to create less crackable CAPTCHAs than the ones created with the readily available implementations that use GD.

I need beta testers who have some free time to test PHP Captcha. All you need to do is go to and solve the CAPTCHA that is written there. Please solve as many as you can, so that I can optimize the configuration.

Also I am getting help from Aleksey from OCR Research Team hoping to release PHP Captcha stronger than most two dimensional CAPTCHA implementations out on the wild. Thanks very much Aleksey for all your time.

Thanks to all who tested and still test PHP Captcha.