Oh, Smashing Magazine, what hast thou done?

PHP QR Code Generator page was posted on the twitter account of Smashing Magazine, and the traffic of this humble blog has risen twenty-fold! Not that I am complaining… 😉 The page seems to be useful to a lot of people, so I will probably add new features to it when I find spare time.

PHP Captcha 1.0 released

Today I am releasing PHP Captcha 1.0. The main difference of PHP Captcha from other free or paid PHP implementations is, that it is written to utilize ImageMagick functions through the wonderful MagickWand PHP API to create CAPTCHA images that are hard enough for bots to crack, while more readable by humans than the others. …

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PHP Captcha beta testers needed

UPDATE: PHP Captcha 1.0 is released. Thanks to all who beta tested it. I have started a new project named PHP Captcha which will be released as open source. It will be a PHP Captcha implementation which will use ImageMagick instead of standard PHP GD libraries. It purpose is to create less crackable CAPTCHAs than …

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