System Administrator Appreciation Day

Today is the 10th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. It is probably known and appreciated by only the sysadmins in the world, so only we appreciate our own work (it seems a little pathetic, isn’t it? 🙂 )

I am a full time System Administrator in the company I work at. I keep the connectivity of the company up. I make sure most of the spam goes to the trash instead of users’ mailboxes. When the servers go down at 03:00 am, I get up from my bed and go fix the problem. I am not only a sysadmin but I also help our developers when they cannot do something traditionally by just coding, as I know how systems work and how problems can be solved using different ways.

I am not a real developer, yet I can code more efficiently at times because I know the inner workings of my systems.

I love my work even if people do not understand what I do. 🙂

So, happy sysadmin day to all who work hard to make this “internet thingamajik” go on working as intended…

PS: You know that internet is wireless, right?

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