Difference between Qrafter and Qrafter Pro

You’ll see that Qrafter now has two versions, Qrafter and Qrafter Pro. Qrafter is a FREE app and Qrafter Pro is $9.99. Why two versions?

The two apps share the exact same code base and have the same abilities. Qrafter is supported by ads which can be removed by purchasing an in app purchase. Qrafter Pro on the other hand, does not have ads.

So if you want to have the best QR Code app for iOS or iPadOS that can both scan and generate QR Codes along with Data Matrix, Aztec Codes, PDF417 and various other barcode formats, while being completely FREE with ad support, download Qrafter. If you don’t want to see ads, purchase ad removal directly inside Qrafter or uninstall the app and purchase Qrafter Pro.

Qrafter Pro was created so that educational institutions can benefit from volume purchases. Also some people like to purchase full apps directly from the App Store instead of using in app purchases. So these two versions will cover all bases.

You can download Qrafter from here and Qrafter Pro from here.

12 thoughts on “Difference between Qrafter and Qrafter Pro”

  1. Alessandro Marengo

    I proudly purchased Qrafter years ago. I am using mostyl everyday. I have a job task to accomplish with it. I hope you can help me. How can I collect several qrcode and export them all in once for creating a little database? I mean… imagine to attend an exhibition and want to scan every person’s badge before entering. How can I collect any scan in order to have access to data?

    1. Hi, thanks for using Qrafter. You can either scan all codes and then export them as csv file to Excel or other spreadsheet app, or create a web page that has a database connection and initiate scanning from that page using x-callback-url functions of Qrafter. The csv will be a much easier way though.

  2. J’ai la version “Qrafter Pro”.
    J’ai voulu envoyer par mail un QR “Lu”, puis un QR “créé”, pour les 2, j’ai eu une erreur:
    Attention, Aucun compte de messagerie n’est présent sur votre appareil.
    Vous ne pouvez pas envoyer de message tant qu’aucun compte n’est configuré.
    Alors que j’ai un compte GAMIL et un compte SFR.
    Aurais-je oublié un paramétrage ou pas vu un menu caché ?

  3. Julie Holliday

    I want to change the url that a QR Code created in QRafter point to. How can I edit this? (I do not want to create a new QR Code at this time!)

  4. Just purchased Qrafter Pro for an iPad to be used in my classroom by students. I have it set to scan on launch but once the form is filled (using as a bathroom pass) and closed, it doesn’t reset to a scan only screen, but the QR code and options stay on screen. Can I get it to reset to the scan only on the screen (ready for the next user!)?

  5. Pepe Hernandez

    How do I know if I bought the in app upgrade to the Pro, so I don’t have to buy it again?

    It is a fantastic application!

    One favor – in exporting the info as an email, all is received well, except it would be nice to have the “image” of the QR as well – not just the contents, in case we wanted to send the info again QR image (forward) to someone. Plus verification purposes, etc.



    1. If you have Qrafter (with blue/gray icon) and you can create codes and you don’t see any ads in the app, it means you purchased the Pro Pack. If you have Qrafter Pro (with red/gray icon) it already comes with Pro Pack activated.

      It is impossible to add the images into the CSV file but you can mail them individually from the code generation screen.


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