Qrafter 1.0 for iPhone released

I have been using an iPhone since 2007 (and still using my old iPhone 3G without problems). As I am into QR Codes, one of the first apps I downloaded was BarCodes from ZXing. It was a slow QR Code scanner which has steadily grown into a great QR Code scanning API supported by the open source software community. After that, a lot of QR Code scanning apps popped up and I tried a lot of them.

I was never satisfied with any of them completely. See, scanning the contents of QR Codes was not hard anymore thanks to ZXing, but parsing the contents to get a meaningful output was hard. And most of the scanners I used, couldn’t parse those contents successfully enough. By that time, I was starting to get tempted by the development tools Apple was providing. At last I wanted to take the matter into my own hands and write a QR Code scanner as useful and complete as my QR Code Generator.

So here it is, Qrafter for iPhone. It can parse every QR Code created on my generator (and other generators of course). It has many features and I will actively keep it updated to be ahead of the rest. Please give feedback for anything you want to see added to it so that it can always be useful to your productivity with QR Codes. You can get Qrafter by clicking the badge below:

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11 thoughts on “Qrafter 1.0 for iPhone released”

  1. Hey Kerem,
    I thought you had did a list of the best readers for the different mobile OS, but I can not find it. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed like us to have an iPhone, lol, so I wanted to tell my friends and clients that use android, blackberries, and whatever else is out there.

  2. Kerem
    I’m using the generator to do a MeCard. Works fine on my iphone, but my colleague is using an Android and Google reader and he isn’t getting the phone numbers. Have you come across this before?

    1. Hi Clare,

      That’s the problem of Google reader. It cannot parse meCards correctly. You should perhaps try a different reader like Barcode Scanner from ZXing.

  3. Kerem, this is one of the most impressive QR Code apps of the dozens that I’ve tested. I’m happy that I finally have an app which correctly detects iCalendar events AND correctly parses both date format variants (local or UTC time). This gem absolutely made my day. Thank you 🙂

  4. Hello

    I’m really impressed with that application.
    I was wondering if you are using the same zxing API in your application?
    I have tried many libraries but none of them seem to work nicely on older iPhones (1 and 2 gen). So I stumbled upon this library and would like to have some feedback before I start developing yet another solution. To be honest, I already was losing hope that there is a decent library that would do the job, until I discovered zxing and your app. If it is that library that you are using.

    All the best and keep up the good work!

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