How to download a vCard on iPhone or iPad using vCard Getter

I have already written a post which you can read here about how you can’t download vCards on your iPhone or iPad and how you can use Qrafter to help you on that.

Qrafter has an in app purchase that lets you do additional things like generating QR Codes or downloading vCards. But it may be a little expensive if you just want to download vCards or iCalendar files. So I created vCard Getter that exactly lets you do that.

Like Qrafter, vCard Getter can download files using Mobile Safari, but it can also download them itself. You enter a URL to a .vcf or .ics file and tap “Get!”. That’s all, vCard Getter downloads the file, parses it and lets you add it to your address book or calendar.

vCard Getter is $0.99. You can download it by clicking the badge below:

Available on the App Store

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