Qrafter 3.0 for iPhone and iPad released

Qrafter reached v3.0. The iPhone version has not changed too much, but adding a brand new iPad interface and so making the app universal, I changed the version to v3.0 instead of v2.1. With this version, comes a few changes:

  • The app is now universal, and it has a brand new iPad interface. It is the first QR Code app that has been designed from ground up for iPad, instead of taking the iPhone version and making it bigger.
  • Ad Removal in app purchase has gone, Advanced Functionality Pack has been renamed to Pro Pack and it now both removes ads and unlocks advanced features.
  • Before v3.0, you weren’t able to regenerate scanned QR Codes if you had not purchased the Pro Pack, but with this version, you’ll be able to regenerate them without purchasing the Pro Pack. To send, save or print those QR Codes, you’ll still need to purchase the Pro Pack though.

You can download Qrafter by clicking the badge below:

Available on the App Store

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