Qrafter 1.5 for iPhone released

Qrafter v1.5 was just approved by Apple. I wasn’t going to release a new version until v2.0 which will include a complete QR Code generator, but v1.5 was needed.

Most users of Qrafter who use older iPhones i.e. iPhone 3G, had problems with scanning small QR Codes. And on most printed materials, there are small QR Codes. So in this version, I added a special sharpening algorithm which lets Qrafter scan up to 40% smaller codes. It also lets Qrafter scan QR Codes which have less contrast between foreground and background. The shortcoming of this algorithm is, it makes the scanning process a little slower, but I think this is an acceptable compromise.

This version also includes a cropping option when scanning from photo library. As that adds one more step to image selection process, it is optional. Qrafter always looks to be more user friendly, and convenient.

You can download Qrafter by clicking the badge below:

Available on the App Store

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