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Qrafter and Qrafter Pro 5.1 for iPhone and iPad released


Qrafter and Qrafter Pro 5.1 were approved by Apple and are now live on the App Store.

This version came too soon after 5.0, because the “X-Scanner-UA” header created some loading issues with some sites. I had to remove the header for the time being, but will try to add it again in the future. I updated the vCard parser while at it, so now we have a vCard parser that no other app has.

You can download Qrafter from here and Qrafter Pro from here.

Qrafter and Qrafter Pro 5.0 for iPhone and iPad released


Qrafter and Qrafter Pro 5.0 are now available on the App Store. With some design and functionality changes, we reached another major version upgrade. Here is the list for changes:

  • New color scheme
  • Redesigned History screen with “swipe to reveal options”
  • Added search to History screen
  • Added the ability to give custom names to history items
  • Added the ability to delete multiple items/export multiple items on history screen
  • Added QR Code encryption option to generator screen
  • Added X-Scanner-UA HTTP header to internal web browser
  • Added QR Code size options for sharing QR Code images
  • You can download Qrafter from here and Qrafter Pro from here.

Qrafter and Qrafter Pro 4.4 for iPhone and iPad released


Qrafter and Qrafter Pro 4.4 have been approved by Apple and are now live. Here is the list of changes:

  • Added Aztec Code scanning
  • Added iPad retina display support
  • Added scan:// and qrafter:// URL schemes to immediately launch the scanner from a web page
  • Added Spanish translation (thanks to Juan Gonzalez and Ricardo Loyola López)
  • Enabled systemwide Twitter on iOS 5 and later
  • Updated URL parser
  • Updated vCard parser
  • Updated vEvent parser
  • Updated QR Code creation view
  • Updated CSV file generation

You can download Qrafter from here and Qrafter Pro from here.

Katie Davis shares some QR Code promoting insight with us!


I have been working on QR Codes since 2006 and I have seen and found many different uses of them. They are widely known and used in Japan and other eastern countries since the nineties and I watched them getting known more and more by western countries in the last two years.

After creating my generator page on this site and publishing Qrafter, I started to meet great people, one after another. Then one day, I met Katie Davis, who is a talented children’s book writer. She recently finished her first eBook aimed at us, adults: How to Promote Your Children’s Book: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Create a Bestseller. She has some great ideas and insight in it and she let me publish a few ideas that include the use of QR Codes here. Let’s read them in her own words, and hey, don’t forget to grab a copy of her eBook:

Five Ways QR Codes Are More Than Just a Gimmick

Thank you, Kerem for hosting a stop on my blog tour for my new eBook, How to Promote Your Children’s Book: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Create a Bestseller. There are some awesome ways people in creative businesses can use QR codes and I’m going to share a few of the things I’ve advised authors in hopes your readers get some ideas for their own businesses.

It feels like there are a million ways you can use QR codes, especially when they can lead to the following:

1. Information

Say you wrote a book called Elephants in the Wild. Your QR code could lead a person to a video showing… guess what? Elephants in the wild. Or to a downloadable activity sheet you created on your site for teachers.

2. Promotion

Scan the following code and you’ll be taken to a book trailer I made that just won the School Library Journal Trailee award. It’s for a book called Little Chicken’s Big Day:

3. Connection

Imagine you’re on a plane, winging your way to someplace fabulous. If you’re anything like me, you will be sitting next to teacher who will be thrilled when you hand her your card with a QR code on it that leads straight to your site where she can find your “Freebies for Teachers” or school visit info page.

4. Excitement

Do you have a backlisted book or old product you want to give a little lovin’ to? Create a scavenger hunt for your readers in which they follow the clues provided with consecutive QR codes you’ve created – the winner gets a free signed copy.

5. Creative breadcrumbs to your content

  • Temporary tattoos
  • Stickers
  • Business cards
  • On a tee shirt
  • Magnets
  • Name tag
  • Printed in your book (to lead to the trailer)
  • On your brochures
  • On your site
  • In your email signature

I think QR codes work best when they offer something more to the target audience than just “look at my website.” Think about what is your call to action?

  • Buy your book or product
  • Take a survey
  • Join your mailing list
  • Direct people to your fan page
  • Watch your book trailer
  • Free support content on your site
  • Win a contest
  • Learn more about your book’s subject

QR codes are not just cool gimmicky things: I know school librarians who are putting QR codes on the spines of books, giving kids a smart phone to scan the code, which then leads to a book trailer. Books with QR codes circulate more than ones that don’t have them which means QR codes are enabling literacy!

I can’t imagine anything less gimmicky than that!

Children’s author/illustrator Katie Davis has published ten books, nine of them for children and one for adults, an eBook, How to Promote Your Children’s Book: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Create a Bestseller. She appears monthly on the ABC affiliate show, Good Morning CT, recommending great books for kids.

Katie produces a podcast, Brain Burps About Books; she writes a blog and monthly newsletter; and has designed and hosted webinars, all in an effort to “spread the gospel of kidlit.”

Katie’s book trailers have been finalists for both Moby and School Library Journal Trailee awards, and the video she did for Little Chicken’s Big Day won the 2012 Trailee.

Katie is a two-time Cybils judge and has also judged the Golden Kite, Katie has taught in a maximum security prison teaching Writing for Children and over the last dozen years has presented and keynoted at schools, writing conferences, and fundraising galas.

Qrafter and Qrafter Pro 4.3 for iPhone and iPad released


Today is my birthday, and Apple gave me a present by approving Qrafter and Qrafter Pro 4.3. They are now live on the App Store.

I have been lazy through last few months and I skipped writing posts about versions 4.1 and 4.2. 4.1 was a big update which had the following features:

  • Full iOS 5 compatibility
  • vCard parser updated to support new iOS 5 features
  • Data Matrix reading support
  • 4 new QR Code generation options including event generation

A few days later, I had to submit version 4.2 which fixed a small bug. This version was alive for nearly 3 months and now version 4 3 is ready. It adds the following:

  • Front camera support for compatible devices including iPad 2
  • Support for iMessage on scanned phone numbers and mail addresses
  • Support for FaceTime on compatible devices
  • An updated vCard parser

Hope you’ll enjoy my birthday present. 🙂

You can download Qrafter from here and Qrafter Pro from here.

Qrafter reached 1 million downloads in eleven months


Qrafter has been available on the App Store since January 29, 2011. It has reached and passed one million downloads in eleven months, just before celebrating its first birthday. I am really happy to see its name being passed around on social sites, being considered as one of the best QR Code readers/generators on the market. It is currently the most widely used QR Code app for education, from elementary schools to MBA programs.

Thank you all for your support, this encourages me to continue to add new features to both Qrafter and Qrafter Pro as fast as possible.

Happy new year everyone! 🙂

Difference between Qrafter and Qrafter Pro


You’ll see that Qrafter now has two versions, Qrafter and Qrafter Pro. Qrafter is a FREE app and Qrafter Pro is $2.99. Why two versions?

The two apps share the exact same code base. Qrafter is a FREE scanner and if you want to create QR Codes or download vCards, you need to purchase its in app purchase called Pro Pack. Qrafter Pro on the other hand, comes with Pro Pack enabled when you purchase it.

So if you want to get into QR Codes and test them, download Qrafter. After getting used to this technology, if you want to create QR Codes on your device, purchase Pro Pack directly inside Qrafter or uninstall the app and purchase Qrafter Pro.

Qrafter Pro was created so that educational institutions can benefit from volume purchases. Also some people like to purchase full apps directly from the App Store instead of using in app purchases. So these two versions will cover all bases.

You can download Qrafter from here and Qrafter Pro from here.

Qrafter and Qrafter Pro 4.0 for iPhone and iPad released


Today Qrafter and Qrafter Pro 4.0 were released on the App Store. The highlights of this version are:

  • A new and great looking icon thanks to Walter Krivanek
  • New QR Code settings pane, that includes error correction level, margin size and character encoding settings
  • A new scan mode called Batch Scan which lets you scan multiple QR Codes without reinitializing the scanner
  • A new uniform color scheme
  • Internationalized Domain Name support

You can download Qrafter from here and Qrafter Pro from here.

Qrafter 3.1 for iPhone and iPad released


Qrafter 3.1, the social media edition is now ready for your iPhone and iPad. Here are the changes:

  • This version has a new scanner mechanism, which initializes more than 4 times faster, meaning it will be ready under a second.
  • Added Facebook integration
  • Revamped Twitter integration
  • Both Facebook and Twitter integrations let you post your scanned or generated QR Code images directly from inside the app. Both use the native APIs that the social sites provide to developers, which means no additional service or configuration is required
  • Made the restoration process of the Pro Pack easier, so that you can enjoy it on multiple devices.

You can download Qrafter by clicking the badge below:

Available on the App Store

Qrafter 3.0 for iPhone and iPad released


Qrafter reached v3.0. The iPhone version has not changed too much, but adding a brand new iPad interface and so making the app universal, I changed the version to v3.0 instead of v2.1. With this version, comes a few changes:

  • The app is now universal, and it has a brand new iPad interface. It is the first QR Code app that has been designed from ground up for iPad, instead of taking the iPhone version and making it bigger.
  • Ad Removal in app purchase has gone, Advanced Functionality Pack has been renamed to Pro Pack and it now both removes ads and unlocks advanced features.
  • Before v3.0, you weren’t able to regenerate scanned QR Codes if you had not purchased the Pro Pack, but with this version, you’ll be able to regenerate them without purchasing the Pro Pack. To send, save or print those QR Codes, you’ll still need to purchase the Pro Pack though.

You can download Qrafter by clicking the badge below:

Available on the App Store
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