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Difference between Qrafter and Qrafter Pro

You’ll see that Qrafter now has two versions, Qrafter and Qrafter Pro. Qrafter is a FREE app and Qrafter Pro is $2.99. Why two versions? The two apps share the exact same code base....


Qrafter 3.1 for iPhone and iPad released

Qrafter 3.1, the social media edition is now ready for your iPhone and iPad. Here are the changes: This version has a new scanner mechanism, which initializes more than 4 times faster, meaning it...


Qrafter 3.0 for iPhone and iPad released

Qrafter reached v3.0. The iPhone version has not changed too much, but adding a brand new iPad interface and so making the app universal, I changed the version to v3.0 instead of v2.1. With...